Today we present the top 5 accessories for touch screens from InFocus. Klik hier om de dichtstbijzijnde locatie te vinden. A wall mount or mobile cart is likely the most non-descript accessory of the touch screen display, but at the same time, it is the most important. Giving a lecture in a lecture hall, presentation in the office, or video conferences requires not only ultra-sharp image display, but also a clear sound. Please contact us at any time by phone or e-mail when you have special requests or queries regarding “refurbished computers at bargain prices”.

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De contrast ratio geeft aan hoe ver de witste wit van de zwartste zwart zit. Cheap, refurbished computers are no longer a problem. With up to lumen, six interchangeable lenses, bemaer interchangeable color wheels and a host of connection options including 3G-SDI, the IN is the perfect projection solution for public-viewing venues.

InFocus INHDX p DLP Projector | eBay

And because the device is equipped with an RS port, it can be integrated into a ibfocus management system such as Creston. For a clear and intelligible sound in video conferencing, the soundbar provides watt stereo and 70 Watt peek value for the entire system.

Thanks to integrated options, wireless operation is also possible, and all your own gadgets can easily be viewed on the INFAG. The BigTouch is equipped with edge-to-edge multi-touch supported by point gestures, allowing fine and precise work on the display.

Since BigNote software is an extremely extensive infocuz, InFocus offers a day free trial version to its customers to let them test all functions, down to the smallest details. Use the advantages of our online shop and buy refurbished computers at bargain prices.


Originalmodul für INFOCUS IN35WEP, SP-LAMP-026

The micro-mirrors are controlled by electrical pulses. Tip If only one image source is upside down, the problem may be with that source.

Many spectators and fans have decided to watch the matches at home on a screen with friends and family — or alternatively, to thrill to cheer on their favorite team along with hundreds of other fans, at public-viewing venues.

The scope of delivery contains a total of 2 soundbars for the left and right lateral side or bottom. But even if the touch screen fulfils all requirements for your meeting room or classroom, it can be difficult to utilise it efficiently without accessories. We recommend different beamers and technologiesdepending on the type or place of use.

Small Business – Chron. Refurbished computers provide a good alternative to new products infochs are often highly priced. These annotated comments can also be saved and then shared. Soundbar A Soundbar is required for presentation rooms and lecture halls of larger sizes.

The refurbished computers originate from industrial leases and were regularly maintained by specialist staff. Touchscreens make it easy to record videos, edit them on the run, pulish and distribute them and even interact on one single document.

Buy refurbished computers like new Please contact us at any time by phone or e-mail when you have special requests or queries regarding “refurbished computers at bargain prices”. The remote control of the projector over the network is made possible by the support of Crestron Roomview, ProjectorNet. With the LightCast Hub, you can view documents, photos and videos and access the built-in web browser, as well as record, store and share notes and drawings.


All in all, each individual accessory has its unique advantages and special features. If a video projector, mounted or not, displays an image that is upside down or backwards, this can usually be corrected with a simple menu change.

Most interactions with customers now take place online, whether in the form of online live chat with partners or employees, or by dint of the ability to exchange ideas with business partners in real time via any device.

InFocus IN116x Office and Classroom Projector

Documents, pictures and videos can be displayed with incredible brightness, colour brilliance and resolution. The hub can be easily connected without the need for additional software. This allows users to start a built-in annotation function at any time. Always use menu options to adjust the projector image.

InFocus did a side by side comparison of the various HD projectors, with a view to determining which devices are best for a given usage scenario. Even videoconferences are used for trainings and all universities are increasingly looking for new ways to use video in education. The universal bracket can be combined with all touch screen displays. There are many various models and types ranging from functional high-performance stationary projectors up to mobile small gadgets for presentations or home-cinema systems.

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