Accessories For Orchestral Strings. It took about one hour to set up and that included installing the pickup. Strings and synth sounds is very good! Maybe a fusion of a furman pl8 and a GI would be the answer to every guitar rig. I have found that the tracking is fast and accurate. With USB for easy computer connection. All in all this is a great product that I hope will catch on and become more advanced and cheaper.

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The GI detects the signal from any electric guitar or bass equipped with a GK-3 roland gi 20 item or GK-3B gu item pickup, respectively, and lets you trigger synthesizers and samplers, or even record your playing as MIDI data.

Roland Gi GI20 Guitar Midi Interface | eBay

Piano, electric piano sounds playing roland gi 20 is strong in all sensitive adjustments. I also ran it Midi out to an old Roland synth module and it worked fine for that; not sure when I would ever use it that way, tho.

So it’s not the “stick on” pick up GK3? It is definately odd playing a bass and hearing a sax, flute or violin.


In general, the combo is absolutely great. Accessories For Orchestral Strings.


I don’t use the USB features, so this review is just for the synth tracking features. Certainly a lot cheaper than buying a keyboard controller! Roland gi 20 unit is great. Displaying reviews Back to top.

Roland GI Guitar MIDI Interface

Ratings Distribution 5 Stars. Great response and I can use roland gi 20 to drive any synthesizer. It took about one hour to set up and that included installing the pickup.

Expression options normally reserved for keyboardist can also be accomplised with a variety of CC messages assigned to external expression pedels. Triggering was nearly flawless on most patches. We’re sorry-this item is unavailable.

Accessories For Roland gi 20 Band. I started with a GR and wasn’t wild about the sounds or the tracking. Maybe a fusion of a furman pl8 and a GI would be the answer to every guitar rig.

I use this unit with a five string bass equipped with a GK3B pickup. So get out there and make this the norm for guitars. Roland gi 20 us at So far I have used this mainly for notation, transcribing music from recordings for myself and for my students, and also for exercises I want to write down quickly for students.

I use it to trigger Native Instruments Komplete 5 and Kore 2. It takes a little reading and experimentation to get the roland gi 20 of all the settings. It took about two nights of experimentation to learn the system. Works great now – it’s fast, accurate, utile. I tinkered with it as a controller for soft synths in Tracktion when I first got it, for which it worked great, but I’m not working on any recordings at the moment, so I haven’t really scrutinized its performance in that context.


Folk Roland gi 20 Buying Guides.

How about a full rack unit with a few more buttons on next model? It should be plural or all strings to a midi channel default. It’s incredibly fast, and by far the lowest priced guitar roland gi 20 MIDI box ever made.

Roland Gi-20 GI20 Guitar Midi Interface 160330

If you are innovative this product roland gi 20 for you. Although I might sound critical, this is a ground breaking product that is the best kept secret out there. So folks, this is not all peaches and cream. With USB for easy computer connection.